Our Timberwolves writer Jerry Zgoda has confirmed that the team has hired Rick Adelman as their new head coach.

To that I say: congratulations. Job well done.

For an organization that has too often made poor decisions and blunders, the Wolves got it right this time and should be commended for that. Adelman was the best candidate for the job and the Wolves step forward and made it happen.

Zgoda has reported along the way that Adelman was seeking a five-year, $25 million contract. It wasn't immediately known if that was the deal he got, but Wolves owner Glen Taylor obviously stepped up and made a hefty financial commitment to get the right guy.

Adelman brings instant credibility to an organization that sorely lacks it. They need direction and some life, on and off the court. Adelman is a veteran coach with a proven track record of making teams better. He's the real deal.

I know there was a lot of talk throughout the coaching search about the style of play the Wolves were looking for from the new coach. To me, that was secondary. I always felt they needed a strong coach first and foremost, someone who can teach their youthful roster how to play the game. I believe that's what they're getting in Adelman.

Their style of play and identity will come in time. But everything starts with competency on the bench.

Taylor and David Kahn have received their share of criticism in recent years and deservedly so. But today they desire something different. They should be praised for getting the right guy to try and lead their organization out of its current mess.



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