Hey, Sandra Bullock, we know it's been a tough few weeks, and we really hate to do this, but can we have our Razzie back? "We are ready to take the unprecedented step of asking a winner to return a Razzie," said awards co-founder John Wilson. Now to be clear, the Razzie people still think Sandy deserved Worst Actress for the wreck that was "All About Steve" -- they just want the actual trophy back. Seems that instead of getting the spray-painted replica worth a reported $4.79, the organizers accidentally handed Bullock the original award. "As Sandra was in such a rush, she ran off with the original handmade prototype, which has been present at the ceremonies since the 1980s," Wilson explained. The Wussies -- er, Razzies -- won't even contact Bullock personally for fear of "invading her privacy," and has asked the media to act as go-between. We like to think she heaved it at Jesse's head as a lovely parting gift. 






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