Along with all that funny smoke, two questions lingered in the air following Saturday night’s Black Crowes concert at Myth – questions I pose to the rest of you. Click here to read my full review of the concert.

1) How do you think new guitarist Jackie Greene compared to his predecessor, Luther Dickinson (and, for that matter, to Marc Ford)?

2) How do you think Myth fared as a venue in this case? Knowing that the band is too big for First Avenue and they couldn't return to the zoo in November, would you rather see the Crowes at the State or Orpheum theaters (where they've been before), Roy Wilkins Auditorium or Myth?

Here’s the set list from Saturday:

Feelin' Alright / (Traffic cover) / Jealous Again  /  Thick N' Thin  /  Hotel Illness  /  Houston Don't Dream About Me /  Ballad in Urgency  /  Wiser Time  /  Welcome to the Goodtimes  /  Whoa Mule  /  Thorn in My Pride  /  Soul Singing  /  Remedy  /  Hard to Handle  /  Hush (Billy Joe Royal cover, via Deep Purple)  Encore:  She Talks to Angels Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (Velvet Underground cover)

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