Paging through the Hennepin County Library’s list of new books this morning I came across “Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard” by Sally Roth. I’ve not seen the book so I have no idea of its quality. It sent me, however, to the library catalog to see what selection of bird-related books are available. As much as I use the library and like birds, this was my first bird-related search. There are hundreds of books to choose from. I used the library’s search engine. The key words “bird feeding” are good, but “bird watching” is much better. Dozens of titles came up. I make my book choices on-line, via the library’s excellent web site and electronic catalog system. You request a book, choose the library at which you will pick it up, then wait for an email message telling you the book is waiting. You probably know all of this already. Perhaps, though, you haven’t browsed the birding book lists.


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Chickadee singing spring song

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Chimney Swift nest