Name: Lonna Szczesny

Age: 62

Career: Szczesny is retiring after 23 years at Resource, a nonprofit agency, as head of women's empowerment, training and career-advancement programs. She began as an art teacher; worked in sales and marketing positions for crafts businesses, and in placement for a couple of trade schools in St. Cloud. "I had intended to go back into business, but Resource was a hard place to leave. It's time now to transition in someone new."

Hobbies: Art and gardening; helping women advance.

In retirement: Szczesny and her husband, Bob, who died in 2012, planned to retire together at age 62. Sczezsny, who has a daughter in college, will help care for her elderly parents and volunteer. "I believe my retirement will involve art and personal empowerment. I'm fortunate that Bob and I set up a plan so that I don't have to continue to work for money."