I think during one of these north eastern Minnesota days some of you could help me solve a northern Minnesota boreal forest mystery. I want to prove once and for all that (1) Bigfoot really exists. Ever notice how some very large pine trees one day are doin fine all stood up straight and tall, then the very next day wham, all I see is a giant black root ball. Must be something mighty strong to be able to pull a tree over all by itself, and rumor has it back in the olden days loggers were very scared of the (3) agropelter. I think it’s a clue to be followed. Ever been out real late at night and you hear a wolf howl. Then it goes real quiet outside. You have to wonder what told that big ole bad wolf to shut up and the long tailed bugger listened. Could be a track to follow. I get my hole drilled and I’m just sitting all by myself on any regular lake. Then all of a sudden the lake ice cracks. I don’t weigh enough to make that HAPPEN. Water starts moving in the hole so I know something is walking around outside my ice house but I don’t like looking when I’m shaking from a fish on the end of my line. How many times have you been out cross country skiing or snowshoeing and somebody goes tearing by you on a snowmobile at maybe seventy miles per hour? You don’t think something way back up that trail crossed in front of them and scared them into drivin that fast. Just about every sled stops at the nearest waterin hole for a little nerve tightener then fer sure. I say we tennis shoe rendezvous about the third row into Britton’s café right off Chapman Street in downtown Ely. If we gave that place enough notice we could all get our bellies and thermos’s filled for what could turn out to be one hairy day. Maybe get some cookies for take out, just incase Bigfoot’s in a social mood. Just so none of the rookies that show up get a moose confused with what we woodland experts already know (2)Sasquatch looks like, we could put up two posters. I’ll stand there with the pointer for who ever asks and I will just mention the thing here with the big nose and possible horns aint what were looking fur, I mean fer. This may turn out to be a Superior National Forest scavenger hunt that truly goes down in history. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where wildness is found and duly documented. I say we hit the Echo trail right off the bat. If that don’t pan out why we footfall the Fernberg road and just keep at it until no stone on the Kek is left unkicked. So grab your cameras and some hiking clothes, we should meet at about seven a:m and if I’m not there don’t wait, you just go ahead and start without me. The trout whisperer FOOT: NOTES ON BIGFOOT 1. Although the term "Bigfoot" has come to indicate any large, bipedal, quasi-humanoid primate found on Earth, the fact remains that only a relatively small population of these creatures (which allegedly dwell in the dense forests) actually deserve to bear the name. 2. Believed by many researchers to belong to the same species and population of Hairy-Hominids that the Canadian SASQUATCH belong to, these animals have been seen throughout Northern Minnesota and southern Basswood Lake after nine days of non-stop canoeing. One little known fact is that the Superior National Forest has been called the Super Natural Forest by lonely forest rangers for many, many years. 3. Agropelter, (USA, and CANADA) these viciously territorial, proto-simians are allegedly responsible for the deaths of lumberjacks, whom they are said to kill by hurling logs or branches at their skulls.

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