We have to admit, the notion of Bill Parcells serving as interim coach of the Saints makes a good amount of sense on a number of fronts:

*The two obviously have close ties, as Payton was a former assistant under Parcells in Dallas. This would give Payton a nod-nod, wink-wink way to still have some control over the team even while gone.

*While promoting a coordinator to interim coach would be fine, head coaches need to command a certain amount of respect. Parcells, without a doubt, would bring that. Whether he could keep his ego in check is a question, but still.

*Parcells seems to get the itch for a new project pretty quickly. This would be a great gig for him because it would have a defined end point one year out.

*It allowed us to write one of the first of many "Big Tuna/Big Easy" headlines.

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