1. Michigan: The Wolverines aren't always controlling games out of the gate, but Michigan has become one of the best teams in basketball at mid-game adjustments.

2. Indiana: The Hoosiers will stay here until they prove unworthy, but I still maintain Indiana's schedule has been light so far.

3. Michigan State: I'm excited for the Hoosiers game to come, now that the Spartans are looking a lot better than we gave them credit for early.

4. Ohio State: This is the only team in the Big Ten whose only losses have come against ranked teams.

5. Wisconsin: That's two losses in a row for the Badgers, but victories over two ranked teams keep them relevant.

6. Minnesota: The Gophers are on the edge of a breakdown. Turn things around quickly and the Northwestern loss is forgotten.

7. Illinois: A win over Nebraska doesn't prove much, but it likely helped the Illini get out of their slump.

8. Purdue: The Boilermakers made it interesting against Michigan in the first half before the Wolverines finished them off.

9. Northwestern: It's the inconsistency that's killing the Wildcats.

10. Iowa: At some point, this team's record is going to turn around. It might not be this season, but this squad has real potential.

11. Nebraska: Freshman Shavon Shields is keeping the Cornhuskers out of the basement.

12. Penn State: Winless in seven games in the conference is a tough place to be.