Well this is certainly interesting. And timely, too.

Days away from being honored by the Twins this weekend as part of his season-long farewell tour, former Twin David Ortiz is the subject of a USA Today piece by Bob Nightengale.

It's a pretty glowing piece … for two-thirds of the 1,500 words, anyway. That's when the daggers come out with regards to Minnesota's decision to release him way back when. We'll just let Ortiz, whom the Twins are planning to honor Friday night, take it from here:

"What was funny is that when I played in Minnesota, they didn't even know they had a major league baseball team. I used to walk around the street and people didn't know who the hell we were," he said.

"Nobody used to come to the Metrodome to watch games. Going to the Metrodome to watch a game was like sacrificing one of your kids."

Gulp. Anything else, Big Papi?

Brian Stensaas