Warm up with the ultimate in portable fare: a made-to-order crêpe, savory or sweet, from La Belle Crepe. Owner Alain Lenne also makes a remarkably good hot chocolate, and he's recently added pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup, to his menu, perfect for warming up on a chilly outing.

Join the crowd at the Oak Grill, the timeless dining retreat on the 12th floor of the Store Formerly Known As Dayton's. A seasonal menu includes fantastic Swedish meatballs with whipped potatoes and lingonberry preserves, an open-faced hot turkey sandwich, a salad of roasted autumn vegetables, cranberry-glazed grilled chicken and ginger-spice cake. Oh, and popovers, of course.

Stay inside and stay warm at Vincent, where chef/owner Vincent Francoual gets into the season's festivities big-time. The view from the dining room is swell (and it's open on Sunday evenings during Holidazzle's four-week run), but those who prefer to remain bundled up can hit the scene on the sidewalk, where Francoual's crew turns out crêpes (Nutella, or ham and cheese) and all-beef hot dogs, served in a baguette.