From down at the arena, big day as the Wild makes a major roster cut to get close to its team.

Lots of guys walking out of here now with filled hockey bags and tapes sticks. The names I'll provide soon, but I'm not going to trickle out the names most likely unless it's a shocker or big one that had a shot being here.

Couple obvious cuts I've seen thus far.

Big week for the Wild.

0-3-1 in the preseason, major injuries to Harding and Sheppard, Bouchard won't be ready for the start of the season.

These two games against Columbus will be huge to see what the Wild really have. They played well against Philly. Last night, they played five rookie D whom I hear looked scared to death, played chip-it-out hockey, which essentially meant no offensive attack for the first 2 1/2 periods.

I'd think the team will make a goalie pickup. The two schools of thought: Get somebody to back up Niklas Backstrom and send Anton Khudobin down to Houston, or bring in a quality No. 3 to work with Matt Hackett in Houston and keep Khudobin up here.

But either way, I think the Wild adds a goalie because Hackett needs to play and play a lot in Houston, so you don't want to be caught in a position where he's the guy up here for a long period.

I still think Jose Theodore makes the most sense if he'd play for around $1 million. Problem again though is the Wild, like all teams, has a budget, is already going to spend close to $58 million in real money on just its NHL roster and Harding's contract isn't insured, meaning he gets his full salary from the team, not 80 percent from an insurance company.

We'll see soon. There are a lot of goalies available. If it's Theodore though, I'd think it happens soon because you'd want him in Finland.

More soon.

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