Best Bond bad girl: Rosa Klebb
Frumpy Rosa Klebb, in "From Russia With Love" is the most formidable femme fatale of them all, no subordinate but the main villain of the piece. Played by Austrian actress Lotte Lenya, she is a genuine sadist. She tests Red Grant (Robert Shaw), the assassin chosen to kill Bond, by punching him in the stomach with brass knuckles, remarking coolly, "He seems fit enough." Ultimately she goes after 007 herself, slashing at him with a shoe with a poisoned dagger in the toe. Lenya said that when she met people even years later, they looked at her shoes first.

Worst: May Day
Campy villain Grace Jones fails to energize “A View to a Kill.” The pop diva’s reedlike physique makes May’s superhuman strength a cartoonish absurdity, and her amorous grappling with Roger Moore scarred a generation of moviegoers.