WZON radio, a sports talk station in Bangor, Maine, is doing its own college hockey poll.
Here is this week's poll, with a short intro, followed by comments from the voters (my favorite part):
This week's gathering of College hockey minds (specifically those who
remembered to send in their lists) have determined THIS to be the list of
the 10 best in the sport. We have a unanimous #1 for the first time.
Informative comments follow:

1. Miami of Ohio (12)
2. North Dakota
3. Cornell
4. Denver
5. UMass-Lowell
6. Meeeechigan
7. Bemidji State
8. Alaska-Anchorage
9. Notre Dame
10. UMass

Knocking on the door: Colorado College

From the Pollsters:
On Miami of Ohio: "Clear number 1 after sweeping Michigan" ...  "Miami is for
real, enough said."
On UMass-Lowell: "Three points on the road is a good weekend." ..."Yes,
it's true. They are in first place in Hockey East."

On Denver: "Wow, seven goals in a loss to Anchorage?"

On Notre Dame: "Still not clear what type of team this is… but going way
up north is difficult"

On Bemidji: "who knows, but you can’t argue with winning…"

On Alaska: "It's very easy to get crabs there. I mean the food."

On that note...

On Boston Univ's rough stretch of play, including its loss at Maine this
past weekend): "The defending national champions look abysmal, lost, and a
number of other adjectives that you probably can't put in this blog, I wonder how high in the
rankings their name and last season will keep them this week."

The answer is: They still got some low votes, but not enough to challenge
the top-10.