The holiday party season comes with plenty of opportunities for imbibing -- and opportunities for tweeting something you wish you hadn't. But have no fear, a new mobile app is available to keep you from making bad decisions after too much holiday cheer.

The Holiday Party Sobriety Test is a free cellphone application that tests users in categories like color coherency, balance and reaction. The tests are more like games and even a little fun if you're stone sober, although your co-workers might look at you funny when they see you standing on one foot while holding still with your phone acting as a level to check your balance.

Once three tests are complete, your score is calculated and the app advises your next move. If your scores are low, the app will tell you to think twice before driving and direct you to a list of cab companies based on your location. Or it might tell you to mix some food into your liquid diet and pull up a list of the nearest fast-food restaurants.

The brainchild behind the sober checker is Webroot, which introduced a Social Media Sobriety Test last year. Users who lack self-control when drinking can sign up at to help prevent them from oversharing information on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube when they're under the influence. Users can customize which sites they want to block and certain hours of the day or night when they are more vulnerable.

To regain access to their social media, users then have to pass a series of sobriety tests such as "drag your mouse in a straight line," "type the alphabet backward" or "follow the finger."

"It's our hope the sobriety tests will come to the aid of all who are in need of its protection," said Jonathan Schoenberg, creative director at TDA Boulder, the agency that helped design the app. "Because we know nothing good happens online after 1 a.m."