Paul Zerby of Minneapolis writes:

It seems the less I write, the more I read. Of late, I've enjoyed several books chosen for me by others, in no particular order:

• "A Choice of Weapons," by Gordon Parks, this year's One Minneapolis One Read, a lean autobiography with harrowing detail from Parks' formative years in the Twin Cities.

• "The Good Soldier," by Ford Madox Ford, the most recent choice by the Harvard Classic Book Club, a complex, beautifully structured tale of adulterous passion in the years leading up to World War I.

• "The Black Echo," the first of Michael Connelly's great Harry Bosch series of police procedurals, starring one of the most fascinating protagonists ever to grace the genre.

• "As Flies to Whatless Boys," a charming and funny novel by Robert Antoni, the bard of Trinidad, given me by my son Paul. No wonder I haven't been getting much writing done.

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