Wolves coach Rick Adelman's already thin roster got a little thinner with the news that Michael Beasley probably won't play  tonight against the Hornets. 

 Greetings. Kent Youngblood here. I'll be covering tonight's game from Charlotte.

"I don't' think Michael will probably go," Adelman said. "It flared up at halftime (Tuesday), and that's why he didn't play in the second half."

With J.J. Barea and Nikola Pekovic already out of the picture, Adelman will have to juggle his rotation off the bench. Beasley might have been a bit inconsistent in his scoring, but he was an important part of the second unit. Without Beasley, I would expect Anthony Tolliver and Wayne Ellington to play even more minutes. 

Meanwhile, Adelman said he spent a long time prior to the game trying to convince his team that just because the Bobcats are struggling is no reason not to enter this game with a high energy level.

"Regardless of their record, they've played some people pretty good here," Adelman said of the 7-40 Bobcats, who have won three home games this month. "They have a lot of young guys who are playing for something. We're not the Miami Heat, the Lakers, we don't have that margin of error. We have to come out and really play a strong game, work harder than they do. You try to bring that up with the players, you hope they listen, but sometimes you feel like you're talking to the wall sometimes."

I guess we'll see. The Wolves have responded well to tough losses before this season. 

That's about it for now. I'll get back at you after the game.

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