This Digg Original posed an intriguing question: why doesn’t audio go viral? Some people convened to see if this could be changed, and nothing prepares you for what they said next:

When the founders pitched him on their plan — to make “socially good content” “go viral” — Ohanian invested “out of passion,” not because he thought it would work. Now Upworthy is one of the fastest growing media properties on the Internet. Sure, sound may not go viral today, but Ohanian is optimistic. “Probably someone here in the audience is going to show us all wrong,” he said, “and a year from now we’re going to look at the Upworthy for audio.”

Oh heavens no. Really. That’s fine, we’re good, let’s all move on to something else.Upworthy for audio? Do you really want an audio version of this?


Nothing prepared him. Never encountered the concept of mortality before. Or this:

No one will click to hear something that scolds them for faulty assumptions about chicken-wing eating.

Apparently “viral” in this sense means “shared on Facebook,” not necessarily “popular for its own sake.” Just because people are passing something along doesn’t mean it’s good. (see also, the flu.) It means some people’s online persona consists of shoveling inspirational stories or cat gifs into their feed. Anyway, back to the article:

“Audio never goes viral,” writes radio and podcast producer Nate DiMeo. “If you posted the most incredible story — literally, the most incredible story that has ever been told since people have had the ability to tell stories, it will never, ever get as many hits as a video of a cat with a moustache.”

Because the cat video is short and does not require cumulative evaluation. It’s a cat. With a moustache. It’s not a series of ideas or events you have to hold in your head to understand the point or the story. Now, if someone brought back good radio plays - 24 minutes of suspense or comedy with a payoff - we might have something. I do believe it’s been tried before.

BTW, The opening animation is by “Skip Dolphin Hursh.” No one who designs animated graphics should go by Skip, even if it is your name, because people will see it and try to click on it, expecting to go to the content they really want. If you click you’ll get his website, which has some cool stuff. Here.

VIDEO Via the Mpls Egotist, a Starburst commercial set in Minininneapolis.

I’m not saying it’s absolutely hilarious, but it has one comment right now, and that comment is “Lol.” I think that says it all. People don’t hand those out unless one literally emitted a gust of vocalized amusement at sufficient volume to be heard by others.

FINALLY Holy long trademark battle finally concluded, Batman. Blastr says:

Batman fans can rejoice, because one of the most sought-after versions of the Caped Crusader will at last make its long-delayed debut on home video this year. The home video rights to the show were, by many accounts, trapped for years in a legal limbo between 20th Century Fox, which produced the series, and Warner Bros., which became the owner of DC Comics and the Batman property years after the show concluded its three-season run.

It was a wonderful show. If you were ten. Great theme, of course - Neal Hefti, originally a horn man for Woody Herman, later composer of the Odd Couple theme, which is really a rather melancholic thing. Anyway, Nelson Riddle arranged the theme for the movie, and I’m convinced that one of the singers says “Bat DAN” at the :17 second mark. 

Yes, those copyright issues certainly have been sorted out, haven't they?