Summer Bass

Summer Bass

 During the summer months I spend the majority of my time fishing for largemouth bass. Almost every weekend during the summer I compete in Minnesota and Wisconsin bass fishing tournaments. For me, tournament fishing is a great way to fulfill my competitive nature and spend time with friends and family. The majority of my tournaments I fish with my Dad, which has strengthen our relationship and friendship, and I look forward to every minute we spend on the water together.

Here are a few tips for locating largemouth bass when out on the lake during these hot summer months…
·         Sunrise and sunsets are great times to try topwater lures. The low light conditions mask the bait and the bass are less tentative to expose themselves. Tie on a buzzbait and make some noise!
·         During the “dog days” of summer with a high sun, bass will tend to position themselves in the shade to stay cool and to remain hidden from their prey and predators. Look to docks, fallen trees, and lily pads. Try a weightless, straight-tailed plastic worm around docks, a tube jig around trees, and a topwater frog retrieved across the lily pads.
·         Many people associate bass with shallow water. While many bass are caught shallow, look to deep weedlines in 8-20 feet of water. Some of my biggest fish have been caught in water greater than 10 feet deep and they can’t be overlooked. Try a deep diving crankbait like a Rapala, or a jig worm worked along the weed edge.   
I hope these tips will help your next fishing adventure be a successful one. Challenge yourself to introduce a child to the world of fishing.
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Thanks for reading!
Carl Spande

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