I don't often get on my soapbox and promote a new product but once in a while a great idea comes along and the fishing world will change for the better because of it.

 Bob Schmidt working out of a small shop in Minnetonka has quietly come up with bait storage solutions that will change how Muskie anglers look at that problem forever. Bob's fledgling company JustEncase takes a different approach to the problem of secure accessable storage of Muskie lures ....among other problems. Bob takes Poly-Carbonate plastics and handcrafts storage systems for homeowners looking to secure household items, business owners looking to secure computer equipment and MOST importantly Muskie Baits. Last winter Bob and I sat down at a sports show where he was showing off his new boxes and talked about building a casting deck that doubled as lure storage.....using the space in my boat more effectivly. This spring we co-designed and put together the first deck/box for my Ranger 620 multi-species boat and it has been a hit with every angler that has set foot in my rig. The clear material is crazy strong, permits easy viewing and even keeps my baits safe from UV exposure. Because the material is clear I can find baits quickly and that helps me keep more of them in the box and less on my deck...reducing the chance that I will step on one equipped with broadhead sharp 7/0 hooks. A non slip coating on top of the box makes a secure platform to launch monster casts from the back deck area and stays tacky even when wet. Bob also makes traditional Muskie storage boxes that come with locking latches and a system for attaching the box securly to your boat to prevent resturant and gas station "walkoffs" which can rob anglers of thousands of dollars of baits in a single incident.

So here is a vote for the little guy with a big idea.....one that actually works and will help anglers be a little more effective.

Bob Turgeon

Bob Schmidt's work is seen at  www.justencase.com

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