A Minneapolis man was disturbed when his grandchildren told him they had to turn over their Social Security numbers to get a fishing license. He called the state Department of Natural Resources, which told him that federal and state laws require it.

The DNR gives the numbers to the state Department of Human Services to assist in child support enforcement. Other state-authorized workers also could have access to Social Security numbers, the DNR’s website said.

"Others who may have access to your SSN include individuals whose work assignment require access and persons authorized by state or federal law or pursuant to a court order, or by your written consent," according to the website.

The grandfather was also told there are more than 1,000 places in the state that sell licenses.

“The state doesn’t have any jurisdiction over who these places hire,” he said. "They're able to see this information. They're able to copy it."

If the state has to use Social Security numbers, he suggests only using the last four digits.

Do you think this grandpa has a reason to be concerned?

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