Mikey Weinstein/AP photo

Mikey Weinstein/AP photo

The congressional campaign of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann has started fundraising off a dust-up between competing religious freedom groups over a Pentagon initiative restricting religious proselytization in the military.
“What if our brave soldiers were told they couldn't practice their religion? That they were able to fight for OUR religious freedoms but they couldn't practice their own?” the Minnesota Republican wrote Friday in a fundraising pitch to supporters. “This may seem far-fetched, but unfortunately if some get their wish, it could soon become a reality.”
The campaign email, which asks supporters to sign a pledge, is based on a recent top-level Pentagon meeting with Mikey Weinstein, the founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
Bachmann, taking her lead from a chorus of conservative Christian groups that have raised the alarm about the meeting, referred to the group as “left-wing,” and “anti-Christian.”
The group, which says it has been inundated with a “non-stop torrent of shamefully ridiculously coverage,” says it is neither anti-Christian nor atheist.
Be that as it may, the contretemps have provided a rallying cry for opponents of newly-installed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and an opportunity for Bachmann to return to her religious conservative roots.

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