Well, no, she hasn't said she's running for president, but she's sure acting like it.

The newest piece of evidence comes in the Wall Street Journal's "weekend interview," in which Rep. Michele Bachmann holds forth on all that ails the Republic, not to mention the things she would do differently from President Obama if she replaces him next year.

Conducted by Stephen Moore, a member of the Journal's editorial board and onetime head of the rabidly anti-tax Club for Growth, the interview is notable in part for the fact that it manages to misspell her first name.

The interview, published two days before Bachmann will participate in a GOP presidential debate with the party's other aspirants, has some notable one-liners.

She says her Democratic opponents consider her a "she-devil."

Asked what kind of job former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (and likely presidential rival) did, she answered, "I really don't want to comment."

Asked about her intellectual bona fides, she replied, "when I go on vacation and I lay on the beach, I bring von Mises," referring to the economist who's a spiritual touchstone for libertarians and Tea Partiers.

Running? "If I'm in, I'll be all in," Bachmann said.

The whole thing can be read here.




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