U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and several House Republican colleagues have discussed suing President Obama for not consulting Congress before he decided to end the cancellation of health care policies under the Affordable Care Act.

After Obama's violated his promise that the health care law would allow people to keep their insurance plans if they liked them, he decided to allow companies, for one year, to offer policies that don’t meet the health care law's standards.

Bachmann, a leading opponent of the health care law, believes that Obama’s decision violated the Constitution's separation of powers doctrine.

“Congresswoman Bachmann is deeply concerned about President Obama’s pattern of bypassing Congress and issuing unconstitutional executive decrees, and she and some of her colleagues have had discussions about the best recourse to put a stop to his unconstitutional actions,” said Bachmann spokesman Dan Kotman.

Kotman did not discuss a timeline for the possible legal action.

Politico first reported the discussions, which Bachmann revealed Tuesday during an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative-leaning Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

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