Tapping into popular discontent with the shape of the Republican presidential field, Rep. Michele Bachmann sent her supporters a poll Friday asking if they are satisfied with the current crop of candidates.

She then asks her supporters whether they think she should run for the White House or remain in the House. She asks her e-mail list to contribute $25 if she should run for re-election in the House, and $50 or $100 if she should “seek the Presidency.”

That’s one way to boost fundraising.

“I will be making this important decision very soon and need to hear from you right away!” Bachmann writes.

The one-question poll Bachmann included in her e-mail has two choices: “Yes, the candidate I intend to support is already in the race,” or “No, I am unsatisfied with the current field of candidates.”

There is no further explanation as to what “already in the race” means.

Bachmann has said she is still weighing whether to run for president and will decide in the coming weeks.

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