A vehicle on the shoulder of Interstate 94 near Century Avenue became a makeshift delivery room about 2:30 a.m. last Tuesday, as officers from the Woodbury Police Department helped bring a baby into the world who apparently was too eager to wait.

Natalie Bauer, who is also a paramedic, responded with her partners to a call that a woman on her way to the hospital was about to give birth in her vehicle. Responders jumped at the opportunity to help. “It’s a pretty special thing to be part of this kind of call,” Bauer said. “As a paramedic, we often respond to situations that are not pleasant. It’s happy moments like this that keep us going.”

Bauer reached the passenger door of the vehicle, and within minutes the mom-to-be was pushing and the baby was delivered. The cord was around the baby’s neck, but Bauer’s training and one previous delivery in the field prepared her for this situation. After the baby was delivered, Bauer handed the baby off to her partners while she helped get mom into the ambulance, and on her way to United Hospital in St. Paul.

A state trooper, two officer/paramedics and two emergency medical technicians were also on hand to make sure the delivery went smoothly.

The mother and baby were reportedly doing well.


Jim Anderson