Ask the Internet for artistic inspiration, and end up with one crazy drawing.

A taco boxing a burrito next to a house with a ski jump next to a watertower with a dragon on top. Good stuff.

Benjamin Redford, a British artist, drew the poster-sized work after Internet users backed the idea on Kickstarter. He calls the work "Internetopia."

People sent in their requests for the drawing and contributed according to how much space their object would occupy. The area of a 1.5-inch cube cost $1.

Altogether, 220 people pledged 3,012 cubes. It took Redford three months to complete the drawing.

Among the curiosities Redford pointed out in a news release: seven different people requested sketches of Waldo/Wally, a high percentage of the requests involved animals, and no one asked for blank space.

Also somewhat surprising -- since it's the Internet -- there's not much nudity. Just two references to genitalia and one naked man.

Redford published the complete list of contributors and their requests. He told Wired that kept it from getting out of control. "If I didn't do that, I think it would've been a lot more sinister," Redford said.

The picture above is just one snippet of the larger image. Get a closer look at the whole drawing here.

(Images from Internetopia.)

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