Dear Matt: I'm active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I've recently seen recruiters post jobs right in their status updates. What's the best way to contact the recruiters or companies that do this?

Matt says: Jacqui Snyder, a recruiter for the Minneapolis office of Infinity Consulting Solutions, Inc. (, isn't shy about posting job openings in her LinkedIn status update. She even goes as far as posting not just the job, but also her email and phone number, flat out asking job seekers to call her, which she recently did for an IT job she is hiring for. Years ago you'd be lucky to get a name of the person hiring -- but not any more. Why the sudden change with some recruiters and employers?

For one, the IT unemployment rate in the Twin Cities area is very low, so finding qualified candidates can be quite challenging, said Snyder. Using LinkedIn and other social media can also be effective in finding candidates who are still employed but passively looking.

"In today's fast-moving IT job market we need to move fast with qualified candidates," said Snyder. "Candidates are getting multiple job offers, so it's important that we are utilizing all avenues possible to reach out to these candidates. Asking them to call instead of apply online expedites this process."

In the past, job seekers were always told that recruiters didn't want to be bogged down with calls or emails from candidates, especially those who were not the right fit. Snyder sees it differently.

"When searching for candidates for an open job, we call and meet several candidates who may not be the perfect fit for that specific job, but down the road may be a fit for another job or client," said Snyder.

So what does Snyder prefer, a call or email? "I would prefer a phone call if you are interested and feel qualified for the position," she said. "This way, I notice you right away."

How can one prepare for this introductory call?

"The best way to impress me is to act with a sense of urgency," said Snyder. "Call, send a résumé, and meet with me in person. If a candidate waits a week or two after a job is posted to send a résumé or meet with me, the job may already be filled. Be proactive, and act fast."

Snyder added: "Typically, we see our best results when we meet all of our applicants to better understand their background and see how they present themselves. At ICS we pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships with our candidates, so whenever possible we like to start that relationship with a face-to-face meeting."