Dear Matt: A friend sent me a posting for a job that I would love to have, but the deadline for applying was last week. The job doesn't start until eight weeks from now. Is it still OK to apply?

Matt: I agree with Tim Cotroneo of MDS Staffing (, who asks "what do you have to lose?"

"If I am an employer who has been underwhelmed with the resumes I have received to date, I am certainly going to review this candidate's resume," says Cotroneo. "Ultimately, an employer wants to hire the best candidate for the job."

The April 15 tax deadline and your wedding anniversary are the only dates with deadlines where you can expect a no-exceptions policy, jokes Cotroneo. As for the deadline imposed for this job, hopefully the candidate's résumé catches the employer on a day they are feeling flexible.

The reason there may be a deadline eight weeks before the job starts is because at some point the employer needs to start selecting the candidate pool to bring in for interviews, and this takes time. They need to conduct first, second and maybe third interviews with multiple candidates, find the right candidate, conduct reference and background checks, present the offer, and take care of any other new hire paperwork. This can easily take up to eight weeks.

Brad Konik, president of Twin Cities staffing firm George Konik Associates, Inc (, says if the posting is from an agency (staffing, recruiting) then the candidate should absolutely still apply for the position sincea staffing firm may have other positions available that fit the individual's background. If the posting is from an employer, then the candidate should still apply but acknowledge that the deadline has passed,andstatethey would liketo be considered for this or future positionswith the company.

"With this approach the candidategives themselves theopportunity to be considered for the position ifthe deadline has unknowingly been extended, while not upsetting an employer by applying after the deadline since the individual acknowledged that fact upfront," says Konik.

If you are qualified for the job, go for it. Don't let a deadline stop you from applying.