Continuing: With materials as simple as string, felt and mirrors, the three artists featured in this sprightly summer show have fashioned elaborate installations that fill the Minnesota Museum of American Art’s project space with colorful shapes, filtered light and a certain melancholy atmosphere. Randy Walker is the “string” artist, working with thousands of feet of multicolored nylon parachute cord that he winds across walls and around corners until the room’s shape is distorted and its light altered. Liz Miller’s elaborate cut-felt installations suggest enormous insects, fanciful kites and colorful creatures from dreams or nightmares. Obsessed with failed empires and the crass glamour of showbiz, Andréa Stanislav deploys mirrored obelisks in glittering installations that trap viewers in a funhouse of the mind. (Noon-5 p.m. Sat.-Sun., 4-9 p.m. Thu.-Fri. Free. Ends July 28. Pioneer Building, 332 N. Robert St., St. Paul. 651-797-2571 or

Mary Abbe