Walker Art Center's "Year of Trisha" continues this weekend with the re-creation of several of choreographer Trisha Brown's early outdoor works from the 1970s.

In "Man Walking Down the Side of a Building," which hasn't been performed in the United States since its 1970 debut in a New York alley, a man in a climbing harness will literally and slowly walk down the side of the Walker's brick building facing the Sculpture Garden. In nearby Loring Park, Brown's company will perform "Group Primary Accumulation on Rafts," which premiered on Loring Pond in 1974.

Other works include "Spanish Dance From Line Up" (1979) and "Spiral" (1974) around trees in the park. Lush, simple, repetitive movement -- perfect for a lazy summer afternoon. It's part of the Walker's Free First Saturday program, so there's free gallery admission until 5 p.m., too.