The feedback to our Sunday story (click here to read the story) about the growing tension between real estate agents and lenders over how best to determine the value of a house has generated considerable debate in the way of e-mails and phone calls.

Here's a survey of responses to the story: 

  • - Several appraisers said the industry is getting a bad rap, and that it’s really estate agents who are most likely to inflate the value of a house because they are motivated by financial incentives. Their commission is based on the sales prices of the house, so they naturally have an interest in obtaining the highest possible sale price. One writer said it this way: "We are the only party in the transaction that does not have a vested monetary interest in making sure the deal goes through."
  • - A property owner said an appraiser he contacted said that he was under pressure by the lender to deliver “fire-sale prices,” and felt compelled to do so because he wanted to continue performing appraisals for the lender. He called it “collusion” between the lender and the appraiser.
  • - A caller took issue with the headline: “Low home appraisals hold down area values.” He said low appraisals are holding down the size of mortgages - not home values, and that buyers can pay whatever they want if they’re willing to use their own cash.

Just Listed is interested in your perspective on this issue, did our story get it wrong? 

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