Last month, the Chisago County Republican Party offended by asking "Against Slavery? Don't buy one" on Facebook.

The next day, a Democratic group compared a Republican candidate to a serial killer.

And now, the DFL is upbraiding the Winona County Republicans for posting a photo on its Facebook page of President Obama with no teeth and First Lady Michelle Obama with a gold grill.

The photo, which appeared over the weekend, is still posted.

From the Winona County Republican Party Facebook page

From the Winona County Republican Party Facebook page

“I am outraged by this stereotype of African Americans," DFL executive director Corey Day, who is African American, said in a statement. "I challenge the Republican Party leadership to stop the ignorance and hatred and call on their members to treat not only our President and his family, but all people of color with the respect they deserve.”

What to you think? Does the posting offend? Is the DFL being too sensitive? Weigh in through the comments below.

Update: By late Wednesday, it appeared the post had been taken down from the Facebook page without explanation.

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