Gubernatorial candidates are starting to swim in the air waves.

Republican Marty Seifert released a radio ad Thursday and Democrat Matt Entenza has a planned radio ad, slated to start airing Thursday night.

Entenza's ad is largely a "get to know you" biographical one but it also urges folks to attend the Feb. 2 caucuses. It will run on AM950, Air America, and cost about $5,000 to run gross, according to Entenza spokeswoman Bridget Cusick.

Listen to the ad here.

Here's the transcript:

ENTENZA: This is Matt Entenza.

We all know Minnesota is facing tough challenges. But I’ve spent my entire life creating opportunities from challenging times.

I was fifteen when my dad left, and my mom raised us on her own. We didn’t have much money. But we had a community that cared.

I had some great teachers and coaches. And with hard work, scholarships, and a whole lot of student loans, I was able to go to college and make a better life.

I’m running for Governor to create that kind of opportunity for every family in Minnesota.

ANNCR: As a state leader, Matt Entenza faced down Tim Pawlenty and won for our schools and helped crack down on HMO abuse.

And as governor, he’ll fight for Minnesota families, just like Minnesota looked out for him when he needed it the most.

ENTENZA: Facing challenges, creating opportunity. That’s the story of my life.

ANNCR: Caucus for Matt on February 2.

Matt Entenza. Governor.

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