An Anoka County jail inmate referred to as Jane Doe still hadn't given her name to authorities as of Friday evening.

Earlier in the day, the Sheriff's Office released a photo of the woman taken in a holding cell, but it isn't an official mug shot. She had her eyes closed.

Police have few clues about the woman, who was arrested Monday night at an empty house in Fridley; she is accused of breaking in and changing the door locks. She was charged Wednesday with trespassing and stealing a sport-utility vehicle, which police found in the garage and traced to Lake Geneva, Wis.

Doe, estimated to be in her early 20s, didn't have identification and refused to speak to jail deputies. When she has spoken, it's been perfect English, authorities said.

Deputies tried to take her fingerprints, but the set they obtained wasn't clear enough to run through a national data base that might have identified her. Prosecutors and law enforcement have discussed their next steps, but declined to say Friday what they might be.

Doe appeared twice before Anoka County Judge Dyanna Street on Wednesday, and both times she gave a name that turned out to be false. The judge found her in contempt and sentenced her to 60 days in jail and set bail at $100,000. Her next court date is Aug. 8.

Police know little about Doe except that police in Lake Geneva say she allegedly stole an SUV there and used fraudulent credit cards in two other Wisconsin cities.