Just in time for New Year's Eve, Anoka County is rolling out its latest weapon in an ongoing campaign against drinking and driving.

It's called the Taxi Squad, a police squad car partly painted like a cab with the slogan, "Choose Your Ride." The Taxi Squad's message exhorts drivers to take a taxi or find a sober driver -- or end up in a squad car following a drunken driving arrest.

The public will see the Taxi Squad for the first time on New Year's Eve when it will travel throughout the county, stopping at several bars, clubs and restaurants. The Taxi Squad is a mobile message platform and will not be assigned enforcement duties, nor will it actually provide rides for motorists.

This project is the latest effort by the county's drunken driving task force, which includes the Anoka County Sheriff's Office and nine police departments. Its approach is to address traffic issues regionally through enforcement, education, engineering and emergency trauma care.