In her next film, she takes on a Yorkie accent. Apparently it’s one of the trickier accents in the British repertoire, and should only be attempted by experts who’ve been certified in comparably difficult dialects. The critics are giving her what-for, as they say:


She also told the BBC that she watched the popular British television soap opera "Emmerdale," set in Yorkshire, to train for the part.

 The preparation did not pay off in many viewers' eyes, however, as critics queued up to pounce on her pronunciation of a notoriously tricky accent.

"The Oscar-nominated actress's every line is masked by one of the most honkingly rubbish Yorkshire accents you've ever heard," wrote Robbie Collin in the Telegraph newspaper.

The review drew comparisons between Hathaway as Emma and Dick Van Dyke as Bert the London cockney in "Mary Poppins," deemed one of the worst ever offenses against a British accent on the big screen.

Jan Moir of the Daily Mail questioned Hathaway's suitability for the role in One Day, arguing that she is far too glamorous to pull it off. As for the accent, she added: "Just like nothing can camouflage Hathaway's incandescent beauty in One Day, nothing can hide the awfulness of her fake Yorkshire accent.

"Really, it is quite something to behold. For it is a nomadic accent - it was born under a wandering star. It's all over the shop."

Expect people all over America to walk out of the theater in protest. Did she just vary her vowel pronunciation in the same scene? Well, that’s ruined it for me. Can’t watch another frame.

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