But at least you’re not worried about sunburn.

No, that doesn’t help. It was in the 60s last year on this day, 71 in 2012, 71 in 2011 . . . oh. this is torture. One more year plugged into the Time Machine . . . Ah! It was 44 in 2010. So there’s precedent. And we all remember how great a summer 2010, don’t we? Checking . . . man, 33 on July 4th.

Kidding. It hit 82. So there’s hope.

STAY ON TARG - OH, NEVER MIND Most people who saw all the Star Wars movies couldn’t tell you who Wedge Antilles was. People who saw the movies several times - say, dozens - could say “yeah, he was a pilot. A small role with limited dialogue, but nevertheless fans have invested into the character a great deal of good will, the usual compensation for Lucas’ juvenile sense of characterization. People who have read every Star Wars book ever written know Wedge Antilles as something else, as the Verge explains:

While his screentime in the original trilogy was limited, the Corellian ace found a greater role in Star Wars' Expanded Universe. Wedge, lest we forget as 30 years of Star Wars lore is whitewashed, was front and center in almost all of that far-off galaxy's major post-Return of the Jedi tribulations. He commanded elite Rogue and Wraith Squadrons, helped Death Star engineer Qwi Xux regain her memory, solved the bacta crisis, played an important role in beating back the Yuuzhan Vong menace, and fought for Corellia for a time against the increasingly authoritarian Galactic Alliance.

The guy who played the role in the movies has declined to reprise it, because it would be too boring.

Perhaps so. Not saying one is obligated to show up at every scifi convention and parrot back dialogue you spoke four decades ago, choking back your distaste, but . . . c’mon. With Porkins gone, there’s only so many left from the original run on the Death Star. The original, idiotic run designed by someone with a curious sense of military strategy.

ART Yes, movie posters again. But not another round-up of “minimalist” redesigns. These are GIFs, and that’s an interesting genre. More online ads for movies should be animated GIFs, as long as you have the opportunity to stop them. Still, the “Grand Budapest Hotel” one seems a missed opportunity. Two guys running through a wintry landscape is the last thing I think about. So I made my own:

In case you’re curious, I snipped a frame grab, opened the poster in Photoshop, opened the movie in Quicktime, and used a screen capture utility to pretend they existed in the same plane.

In related news: 25 Ordinary Batman Adventures.

Votd Road rage is one way of putting it, if this indeed was intentional; “attempted murder” might be another.

Given yesterday's call for more lanes on 94, I should note that you can have 10 lanes with four cars and someone will still drive like an utter idiot.