It’s 1 o’clock in Bud Grant’s new office on the third floor of TCO Performance Center. Naturally, a bird clock on the wall starts quacking like a duck.

“It quacks on the hour,” said Erin Swartz, Vikings director of brand & creative, the person responsible for creating the retro look of an office that belongs to a 91-year-old Hall of Famer who coached his last game 33 years ago.

With wood-paneled walls, it resembles the office Grant moved into at old Midway Stadium 51 years ago. The nameplate is the same one that greeted him back March 10, 1967, when he came south from Winnipeg with four Grey Cup titles.

The desk it sits on came from Winter Park, the team’s headquarters from 1981 to early 2018. But the desk and matching credenza belonged to the late Max Winter, the owner who hired Grant.

The desk was a surprise to Grant when he took his first tour of the new facility back in March. According to, Grant chuckled at the thought of having his old boss’ desk, smacked the top of it with an open palm and said, “Hey, Max!”

Most of the office contents are a tribute to the outdoorsman, not the football coach.

There’s a stuffed pheasant from a hunting trip to South Dakota sitting on a shelf. There’s a fish hanging on the wall. There are photos of his beloved black Labs, including one with teeth clenched around a dead duck, and a proud paw atop another one.

There’s also a prized turkey tail positioned prominently on the wall.

“That one he forced me to take in the back of my car from Winter Park because he didn’t trust the moving company,” Swartz said with a laugh. “I had a lot of dead things in my car when we moved over here.”