Brrr, again. Don’t hope for a warming trend; long-term models show the sun eventually dying out entirely into a massive inert cinder. Of course, those are really long-term models.


LANCE LAWSONThis guy crumples with record speed:




Answer at the bottom.

INTERNET Here's the top 38 local Instagrammers. Tag overload in some of those examples. #tree #branches #treebraches #leaves #autumn #autumnleaves #leavesofautumn #fall #fallcolors #deciduous OKAY I GET IT 


SURFACE TENSION When Microsoft launched its Surface thingy-device in China, it did not anticipate that someone’s Grandma would get up on stage and tell them to TURN IT DOWN.

The entertainment kicked off at midnight and involved music and a stage show. As is usually the case at such events, they are loud, and those living nearby are just expected to put up with it for a few hours.

 One set of grandparents decided to protest, though. Today is a school day after all, and they had grandchildren trying to sleep. Poor sleep means poor results at school, so they gate crashed the event, jumped up on stage, and attempted to shut down the whole thing in a bid for silence.

The guards dragged the woman off, and the dancers kept dancing. The only way this could possibly be better would be Ballmer leaping around with saddlebags under his arms screaming DEVELOPERS.




”Saddlebags,” by the way, was a term Tom Wolfe used in “A Man in Full,” describing the perspiration that attends a high-stakes confrontation. Wolfe has a new book out, by the way - and this interview with the charming fellow has a surprising conclusion. People in the comments hate the way it ended, which is a reminder to -


Well, here’s how a Salon writer put it:

On Jan. 1, I made a resolution I never thought I would. I took a Sharpie and a Post-it and wrote the words “DON’T READ THE COMMENTS” in big letters and stuck it on my computer. I’ve been so much happier ever since.

I think she meant the comments on her stories, but as a general rule, it’s path to happiness. Of course I had to read the comments on her story about not reading comments. The last one:

I have always written my comments to give pause to people about how she writes, because the meta-structure is so toxic and manipulative. . . . what Vampirella does is creates a callousness that is being perpetrated in more and more venues, and leads to a decline in empathy across the board, as well as what I call 'vampiric mirroring' -- her example serves as an example to other hidden, more latent vampires, and encourages their descent into the bowels of hell. Which then turns into Hell for the rest of us because we have to live with them.

”What I call vampiric mirroring.” Why should he have all the fun? Let’s all call it vampiric mirroring.

I seem to have strayed off topic. Let’s move on.


ART A museum replaced all the art by men with art made by women. Let’s see if anyone notices! The author notes there’s no reason why Lee Krasner, Pollack’s wife shouldn’t be included in the museum next to his, since her work has a “certain power.” 

That’s one way to put it.

BTW, it’s likely that the origins of “Let’s see if they notice” or some variant may be unknown to some. We can help with that:


LANCE SOLUTION:  "Lance guessed the safe had been rifled by someone who knew where everything was (the inside was orderly) - and the contents hadn't been disturbed by the explosion." Stupid crook. As usual.