An Andover man was given 25 years’ probation Friday in the death of his girlfriend, who died in February from a dose of methadone he gave her. She did not have a prescription for the controlled substance.

Seth Adam Olson, 25, was sentenced to seven years in prison for third-degree murder, but Anoka County Judge Kristen Larson stayed the sentence and placed him on probation.

Krista Bogucki, 39, had a high level of methadone in her system for somebody who wasn’t prescribed the drug, the medical examiner said in court records.

Olson went to his methadone clinic to receive his prescribed dose. As he was leaving, he bought an additional dose from an illegal dealer on the street to give to Bogucki, according to court documents.

“Drugs have impacted many lives here,” said Anoka County Attorney Tony Palumbo. “One young woman lost her life, the defendant is now in the criminal justice system, and their families and friends will face these losses on a daily basis.

“The message is simple: If you provide illegal drugs to someone and they die as a result, you have a responsibility in their death.”

Paul Levy