The NBA ' s free agency clock finally clanged 11 p.m. Wednesday and the Wolves wasted no time.

David Kahn got on the phone with agents and arranged for Memphis restricted free agent Rudy Gay to visit Thursday and Friday and  New York unrestricted agent David Lee will come to town Saturday.

European prospect Nikola Pekovic also reportedly has agreed to a three-year, $13 million contract to leave his Greek team and come to the NBA.

Chad Ford reported the terms. Kahn said the sides are "very, very close" but said no deal is done until the contract's signed.

Kahn said he didn't reach out to the agents for LeBron, DWade or Chris Bosh tonight

He said "no tonight" and said it's "pretty obvious" the three players will end up elsewhere.

What do Gay and Lee have in common: The Wolves have targeted two fine players who they have some kind of chance at signing. With Gay, it'd have to be big money too rich for the Grizzlies to match. Lee seems to be well down the Knicks' wish list and thus the Wolves just might be able to slip in with the right offer if they choose to pursue him over Gay while the Knicks and others are pursuing bigger names.

As things stand now, they can't afford both.

Here's the story for Thursday's paper about tonight's happenings:

Of course, Gay and Lee play positions at which the Wolves already add three players in the draft (small forward) or have Al Jefferson and Kevin Love (power forward) at.

Kahn continues to try to trade Jefferson and the remaining $42 million and three seasons on his contract.

Kahn said Gay and No. 4 overall pick Wes Johnson can play together because he sees both mainly as wing players -- not small forward or shooting guard -- and because he thinks Johnson can grow into a player who can defend shooting guards.

He also said he can see Lee and Love playing some minutes together.

Expect the Wolves to sign Darko Milicic shortly as they continue to remake a frontcourt that Kahn calls "very much in flux."

Well, that's all for tonight.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.


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