Another Internet Cat Video Festival is behind us. (Dog people, rejoice!)

The third annual event -- back at the Walker Art Center's Open Field -- was an almost purr-fect outing, even if you don't prefer feline pets. The combination of cats and Internet is endlessly entertaining.

There was a moment of near cat-tastrophe when the inflatble screen went fell down before the main event. But volunteers helped the crew get it back up quickly.

By the time Lil Bub took the stage, it was all about the cats. About an hour and many collective "awwwws" later, a new Golden Kitty was crowned.

That's a good one. But of all the other videos, I thought this animated short about a girl and her not-Internet-ready cat was particularly sweet. Judging by the "awws" from the audience, many cat owners can relate.

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