From the Grand Forks Herald

From the Grand Forks Herald


Marilyn Hagerty's prose will live forever now that she has an ebook out on Amazon (99 cents). "The Best of the Eatbeat with Marilyn Hagerty," includes the now viral review of the Olive Garden restaurant, as well as a much earlier Taco Bell review.


From Amazon.

From Amazon.

Should you care to profess your support of Marilyin to the world at large, there's also a T-shirt. ($25, which includes shipping and handling). The T-shirt notes: "I've been a lot of other things, but never viral!"


You can see Marilyn on a video recap of her NYC activities, as produced by the Grand Forks Herald. In it, she notes that Times Square reflects New York. "It's really a zoo," she says of the busy area in the theater district. During this visit she was interviewed by Anderson Cooper (who she hoped she would not mistakenly call "Cooper Anderson"), the Today Show, Good Morning America and the New York Times

My favorite comment from her came in a video from when she was eating at a hot dog cart in front of the NYT building. The cart had a sign on it that noted its meat was "halal." She asked what that meant and, when told it was like a Muslim blessing, she says, "Oh, I'm Lutheran."

Her son, James Hagerty, a Wall Street Journal reporter, wrote a lovely tribute to her earlier this week in "When Mom Goes Viral."

Marilyn herself wrote a story about the viral experience in the form of a letter to her sister Shirley, which ran in the Grand Forks Herald.

Marilyn-mania fatigue may be setting in, though her 15 minutes of fame lasted much longer than usual in the always shifting food world. Robert Sietsema, restaurant reviewer for the Village Voice (or as Marilyn refers to it in print, the "Village Tattler") notes that initially he was charmed by her story and later cynical about her "reviews" which are often based on a single non-anonymous visit to a restaurant where she tries one dish.

Sietsema asks what's next, suggesting that a James Beard Award is inevitable.







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