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Plenty to talk about today with tomorrow turning up to be a double header – ESPN five-star recruit, De La Salle’s Reid Travis, will be making his decision in the afternoon, and then the Gophers have their season opener against Lehigh at night (tipoff at 7 p.m.).

To recap, Travis is choosing between Stanford, Minnesota and Duke. He is the first of the Minnesota ‘Big Three’ recruits – including Tyus Jones and Rashad Vaughn – to make a decision. It’s happening at 3:30 in the De La Salle gym. You can read my Wednesday story on the Big Three here and watch my video with Michael Rand talking about Travis, among other Gophers topics, here.

I got a small avalanche of questions about Travis – no surprise here – so let’s get to it.

If I DIDN’T get to your question (or even if I did!), you can show up to my live chat on Monday at noon. I’ll take plenty more then.

Your questions in bold; my answers in regular type.

What's your 'gut' telling you re: Reid's announcement?


As I predicted in my Wednesday insider, I think Travis is heading to … nowhere. In other words, I think he’s staying here and going to the University of Minnesota. In his backyard, basically, since his family lives on the edge of Gophers campus. Minnesota’s staff has made a great push in the last several weeks, and Travis has been around the university quite a bit. The tides have shifted, and for once, they appear to be shifting away from places like Duke and Stanford.

And those of you that are putzing around, grumbling to yourself that new coach Richard Pitino had better get at least one of the three (I know you’re out there, hiding in the corners of the internet, because I see your goofy comments on Twitter and on the blogs) should wake up and realize what an incredible accomplishment that would be. For the new staff at Minnesota – a program in transition without a lot of recent success to boast – to get one of the top recruits in the nation after pursuing him for just six months? That would be a major achievement. To the Gophers fans that couldn’t enjoy it because they’re so busy expecting ridiculous things, I shake my head.

In your honest opinion, do you think Gophers go 3/3? 2/3? 1/3? 0/3 [on the Big Three]?


Right now, I’m saying they go 1/3, getting Travis and striking out on the other two. Vaughn is the wild card of the bunch, though. Since he isn’t signing until the spring, there is so much that can happen in his recruitment.

If Reid commits on Friday, do you think that increases our chances of getting Rashad or Tyus..I know Tyus is long shot.


I don’t think it has any effect at all. Jones is deciding in mere days. Travis staying home isn’t going to sway something that has been in the works for years. And yes, there’s still a chance that Vaughn comes to the Gophers, but Travis agreeing to play for the home state school wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He’s going to make whatever decision he deems best for him individually. And those three guys have only talked of playing together in passing. Remember when Vaughn switched AAU teams, away from Travis and Jones? I don’t think those three are looking for an excuse to play together, necessarily.

Is the @Reid_Travis_22 announcement on Friday open to the Public? #Gophers


It appears that way, as Travis tweeted an invitation out to the Twitter world. I’m sure he knows that means a lot of Gopher fans will show up.

Hey @AmeliaRayno if Reid commits Friday, gophs are out of scholarships. Guesses on how we free up 1 for Vaughn or stop recruiting him?


Well, Minnesota certainly won’t just suddenly stop recruiting him, not if the Gophers believe they have any real shot with him. The issue of a scholarship is a cross-that-bridge-when-we-get-to-it type deal. You guys all need to stop worrying so much about it. I don’t envision a scenario where Vaughn says “I’m going to Minnesota” and the Gophers scuffle their shoes awkwardly and cut in “Um, sorry, no room at the inn.”

True or false: Dre Mathieu looks like Rodney Williams little brother? #aMAILiaBAG


Hmm … I had never thought about it. I guess one could argue that. I put them side-by-side below … what do you guys think?

Vaughn plays in Nevada right? How is he still a Minnesota guy? And picking ISU over U makes him dead to me.


He’s still a Minnesota guy because that’s where he’s from and that’s where he grew up. Just because I left North Carolina and moved up north didn’t mean I automatically became a Massachusetts girl, or a Minnesota girl for that matter.

… And he hasn’t picked Iowa State, or any school yet.

… And in general, I’d cool it on the “dead to me” talk. People forget that these recruits are still in high school, and they’re trying to make the best decisions for their futures, even if it doesn’t involve the team you personally root for.

What is up with Buggs' lack of minutes?


He’s extremely raw. Pitino likes his ultimate upside, but he has a lot of work to do to be a productive member of the rotation. He didn’t play at all last season, and he still has a ways to go both physically and skills-wise. Be patient.

The new coach and his “system” is exciting basketball, clearly.  I am very happy having a young guy like him at the helm.  However, one would think it will continue to be difficult for Minnesota to “bag” the top end recruit, at least from a standpoint for  those players that are “ranked” really  high, since the competitive (even in just the BIG) programs recruit the same guys.  What is your opinion on b-passing the big names, and aggressively go after  the “fit”, which is likely going to be Pitino's strategy going forward anyway?  Are there any strong examples (In the BIG 6 Conferences) where coaching, and development of players, has off set the “Giant Class Getters”?  Or, do we need to get those Big names to become really competitive in the BIG and National scene?


Central Cal

I think it’s a combination of both. Pitino has gone hard after guys that fit the system, even if they aren’t as highly recruited as some. Deandre Mathieu, Nate Mason and Carlos Morris are good examples of that. At the same time, an elite prospect – if he also fits the system – can advance a program very quickly. There is a reason that these guys are ranked so highly; some of them can be program changers.

With the way Mo has re dedicated his conditioning/play, is it realistic to think he could at some start at some point?


Definitely. Pitino has already said that he would consider starting Mo Walker, and has noted that there isn’t much difference, talent-wise, between him and Eliason right now. I think in general, he will use the pair in tandem, because he likes the idea of keeping them fresh and the fact that they do slightly different things.

But certainly, both Pitino and Walker have made it clear that the big man is capable of taking a big step and a starting role this year.


Not really a question, but advice: don't go on Sasquatch hunts in Oklahoma.


Holy Buckets; that is unfortunate.

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