There are social media users of all political preferences, but a new survey by the Harvard Institute of Politics found that Pinterest is the only social network that skews Republican.

The national poll of young adults ages 18-29 found that 40 percent of those who identified as Republican had Pinterest accounts. Thirty-two percent of those who identified as Democrats said they had Pinterest accounts. Both parties reported equal Facebook use and nearly equal use of Snapchat, but across all other social networks, Democrats showed more interest.

Here's a chart of the findings:

Overall, 33 percent of those surveyed said they had a Pinterest account. All social network use was up since the last survey in fall 2013, and Facebook still dominates.

There's been plenty of debate about Facebook's long-term appeal, especially among younger users. (I wrote about it last year.)

But, in this case, it came out on top when survey participants were asked, "What is the one website, social network, or app that you could not live without?"

Twenty-four percent said Facebook. In second place? Google with 7 percent.

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