Forget cats. Goat videos are where it's at.

The barnyard animals have all the characteristics for Internet stardom: cute bordering on goofy-looking, playful and sometimes clumsy, and best of all, they make crazy noises.

The online goat genre is large. Searching YouTube for "goat" yields more than 6 million videos. So today, we'll focus on the bleating and the bah-ing.

First, a little warmup with this sweet kid, known on YouTube as "Wimpy Goat."

A more mature group, "Funny Goats Screaming Like Humans" rose to Internet fame last year. Odd at first, but the more you watch, the funnier it gets.

But goat videos hit a new level of artistry this month when "Jurassic Goat" started making the rounds on social media. (Extra impressive if you recall what the T-Rex did to the poor goat in the movie.)

That's the just the beginning. There are also fainting goats, a goat trying to balance on an inflatable chair and bouncy little goats. Baaah!

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