QI'm having trouble when I go from my Yahoo e-mail to other websites using Internet Explorer 9. For example, when I accessed a Publishers Clearinghouse website, the screen broke into three segments. Then I tried to print the Qdoba Restaurant menu and got only blank pages. I'm also getting intermittent spellcheck failures and the scrolling isn't working smoothly.

Yahoo said the problem wasn't with its e-mail service and suggested I contact the other websites. What should I do?


AYahoo's correct. These problems are most likely caused by Web page design or the settings on the IE 9 browser.

Qdoba.com is one of those websites that's not designed for printing. You can identify such websites by using the print preview command. If the preview is blank, the website isn't printable.

Publishersclearinghouse.com is designed to open a second page when you click a link on the screen. That second page will open either as a separate window or a second browser tab in your current window, depending on IE's settings.

To alter the settings, go to tools, select Internet Options, then click the "settings" button next to "Change how webpages are displayed in tabs." Check or uncheck the box next to "enable tabbed browsing."

IE spellcheck and scrolling problems may be related to having too many windows or tabs open at once.

QI appreciated your recent column about what happens to a Facebook page when someone dies. My 23-year-old son passed away May 4, 2011, and when his Facebook page "disappeared" this past fall it broke my heart. I know now that I could have memorialized it and kept it visible. I have been trying to figure out how to contact Facebook about this, but I don't know what to do. Any ideas?


AYou can ask Facebook to reactivate your son's page and put it in memorial status. Go to tinyurl.com/6v77t8k, which explains "How do I submit a special request for a deceased user's account on the site?"

Even if Facebook declines your request, you have the option of re-creating your son's Facebook page under a new account that's in your name.

If you don't have all the text and photos from your son's page, the executor of your son's estate is entitled to ask Facebook to provide it, said Jim Lamm, an estate planning and administraton attorney at law firm Gray Plant Mooty in Minneapolis. Facebook can be reached at 650-543-4800.

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