Q: You frequently recommend using the Malwarebytes PC security program, but when I try my McAfee security software blocks me. Why?

Edna Clayton, Lakeland, Fla.

A: Some versions of the McAfee security software see Malwarebytes as an intruder that wants too much access to your PC.

You'll need to adjust the McAfee software to exclude the files that make up the Malwarebytes program. This frees Malwarebytes from McAfee's scrutiny and gives it a pass to work on your computer. (Note that this is a good idea only for the free version of Malwarebytes that runs just when you click on it. Never run two full-time security programs at once because at worst they will conflict and at a minimum they will slow your PC.)

To add Malwarebytes to McAfee's exceptions, click the Windows Start button, choose "all programs," then McAfee, then VirusScan Console. Right click on "On-Access Scanner" and choose "properties." Then select "all processes."

Depending on which McAfee version you have, select either "configure different scanning policies for high-risk, low-risk and default processes" or "use different settings for high-risk and low-risk processes." Select low-risk processes; on the processes tab, click add, and find the Malwarebytes program in the software list. In the "detection" tab, unselect the options in the scan files section.

Q: It's time to buy a new computer and I really don't want to get one with Windows 8, which I don't like. But all the new computers seem to be preloaded with Windows 8. Can I still get a new PC with Windows 7?

Barbara Brown, Schuylkill Haven, Pa.

A: Yes. Due to the lack of consumer enthusiasm for Windows 8, Windows 7 PCs are still available from computer maker Dell (see tinyurl.com/mkpfoeo) and retailer Wal-Mart Stores (see tinyurl.com/m5t7hgg.)

Several readers in other states reported that a column two weeks ago contained a tinyurl that didn't link them to the free Malwarebytes download as promised. It appears that a glitch occurred when the column was electronically distributed to the 20 newspapers that reprint it. As a result, the letters "a" and "u" were reversed in the tinyurl for the download. The correct address for the Malwarebytes program is tinyurl.com/blqaum7.

A note to all readers who want to download the free Malwarebytes program: Be careful, because free software pages are crammed with links to unrelated software that someone wants to promote. After you click the "Download Now" button for Malwarebytes, you must click "save" on the "mbam-setup" box floating above the next Web page (it's in the middle of the page for Firefox, and at bottom of the page for Internet Explorer). Don't click on anything else.

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