QI've set up a strong password to use online, which includes a Greek letter such as beta, theta or pi. How can I create a keyboard shortcut that will allow me to write that Greek letter when I'm typing in a "password box" on a website? Because the Windows 7 keyboard doesn't have the Greek letter on it, I've been copying the password from a Microsoft Word document and pasting it into password boxes. Any suggestions?


ARather than create a shortcut, it's easier to add a second language, such as Greek, to your keyboard.

This is less cumbersome than it sounds. English remains the default language for the keyboard; the Greek letters never show up unless you click an icon in your tool bar. That icon lets you toggle back and forth between English and Greek letters as you type.

To add Greek to your keyboard, go to Start, type "Keyboard Language" in the search box and choose "Change keyboards or other input methods." Click "Change Keyboards," then click "Add" and Greek to install Greek on your keyboard as a secondary language (click the "Preview" button to see an image of the Greek keyboard.) Click "OK."

Use the up-and-down buttons on the right of the language list to make sure that Greek is the second language in the list. Also be sure that English is listed at the top of the menu as your "default input language." Click OK.

You'll now see an "EN" icon on the right side of your tool bar that signifies your primary language is English. When you click it, you can switch languages by putting a check in front of one or the other. For screen shots of this process, see tinyurl.com/ydxe2en.

QMy elderly mom lives several hours away, and when she has a problem with her computer it's difficult for me to help her over the phone or to drive to her house. I'd like to be able to remotely access her PC via my own, but so far I haven't been able to get that to work. How can I do it?


AThere are free or low-cost programs that will allow you to fix problems on your mother's computer over the Internet from your PC. From your point of view, it will be like sitting in front of her computer.

TeamViewer is a free program that allows you to share screen views and transfer files between two geographically separated computers. See tinyurl.com/83rxyha.

Remote Utilities does the same thing, and also allows you to by-pass any firewall software on your mother's PC. It costs $20, but there's a 30-day free trial. See tinyurl.com/7btwgnc.

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