After the Timberwolves blew a 21-point lead in a loss to Golden State on Sunday, guard J.J. Barea said there were a lot of guys in the team's locker room who didn't care. After practice Tuesday, coach Rick Adelman basically agreed. That is, Adelman said, if what Barea was talking about was a complacency about losing.

"I thank him for saying that so I have to come over here and answer it for him," Adelman joked. "But I think that's what he was saying. ... I think you have to care enough where, if you lose like we've lost, it's really got to bother you. It really has to bother you. There are times, in the growth of players, that it's not about you. You have to really feel the hurt when you lose games."

Adelman said players should fester over a bad loss, not get dressed in 10 minutes and leave. "That's what he was saying," Adelman said. "And I think it's a lesson for all of our team. You don't accept losing."

Adelman said he didn't have a problem with Barea -- a veteran with a winning background, having been part of an NBA champion last season with Dallas -- voicing that opinion.

Lobbying for Pekovic

Adelman made a pitch for center Nikola Pekovic to be considered for the NBA's Most Improved Player. Despite battling a sore right ankle -- he will have surgery to remove bone spurs on May 15 in New York -- Pekovic has gone from averages of 5.5 points and 3.0 rebounds last season to 13.3 and 7.3 this season.

"He came in and made a huge impact," Adelman said. "I mean, he had every bit an impact on our team, at the time, that [Jeremy] Lin did in New York."

Love recovers

Kevin Love won't play in the finale Thursday. But the Wolves' All-Star forward is feeling good since recovering from his April 11 concussion. Love said he talked with the Twins' Justin Morneau about concussions before he got one himself.

"He mentioned he woke up and just never quite felt right," Love said.

Love said he had a few days when he felt woozy, uneasy and off-balance.

"Every time I looked up I wanted to faint or fall down," he said. "It was a weird thing. The fact I'm symptom-free now, and I'm able to be cleared and go into full practices and lift weights and everything, feels good. I'm fortunate."